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was gonna do them in the morning since I had the day off but I have a lot to do later today so I am gonna go ahead and close them.
I apologize for any inconvenience. I know there are some who wanted to buy them but I plan on opening them back up later in the week.

I am opening up full body flat colored chibi commissions styled as the following: 

What I'm best at drawing:
-Other MC styled characters

What I'm good at drawing:
-Non-realistic skeletons
-Humanoid/Human hybrid characters

What I'm decent at drawing:
-cyborg characters
-Simplistic robot characters
-most other animals
-NSFW (yes, I will do NSFW as long as it follows the DA guidelines AND only if you are 18 or older)

What I won't draw:
-Complicated robot characters
-Realistic skeletons
-Any offensive character
-More than one character per picture
-Characters that are a rip off of other characters


-Each will be 250Points

-The slots are a first come first serve. Once they are all filled up I will not be taking any more till I finish the batch.

-If you are interested, please comment below with a decent ref of your character.


-Please send points Via gift once approved saying "commission" so I will know what for.

- I will not start on the commission until I am payed

-I will not reserve/save slots. Again, this is a FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

-Please refrain from commenting about how you wish you could buy but can't cus you're broke. That doesn't do anything and kinda gets on my nerves :'V (however if you dont have enough points and would rather pay the original price, 150 points, I will change the price if enough people would rather pay such)

-If I have not received payment within 24 yours your slot will be reopened. 



I will try to get them done as soon as I can.


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LegitHerobrine Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Boi it's amazing how much better you've gotten
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SpasSuperfan Featured By Owner Edited Oct 15, 2017  New Deviant
PLEASE READ THIS SpasDragonStudios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey SpasDragonStudios I literally just got a D-art account but I'm A huge fan so I have a few questions

1.Are you going to finish the remastering of Rise of the Enderspawn series

2.are you going to respond to this's your life going do you like my enderspawn OC named Sam,nickname:Scorch,species:Wither,Gast,human hibrid (I don't know what he looks like,you decide),voice:like Emmet from The Lego Movie (A.K.A like Chris Pratt) but slightly higher

Backstory:Similar to spas except with swapped sides,the person who made Sam good was a double agent,and his title is "the netherborn",also he became a therapist that Dud eventually visits(thought that would explain why he wasn't depressed after "The Accident"),right now he is creating a healing potion so powerful that it can heal Dud/Daniel's paralysis but he needs one last ingredient so he reaches out to spas,the now 9 year old Finn,and Dud for help getting it.

I call the story "The mentor" because my OC taught Daniel how to control his aggro form, it's suppose to take place only 2 years after "The Accident"

 has my guy starting to get his body possessed by Herobrine (that's why Daniel needs his legs,because Sam can't fight Herobrine forever and he needs Daniel and the others at full strength to stop Sam once Herobrine takes full control)

fun facts:he has a terrifying aggro-like form that causes his eyes and mouth to glow red and grow spikes and a black/rough look to his skin as well as other things,also he has tentacles that fold into wings,allowing him to fly

oh one more thing he has hair that is a blonde so dark it almost looks brown but not quite do you like it

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UltraRobo Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2017
Have a lovely day!! <33
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